Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shopping Haul!!!!

Hey guys and gals, so recently I went shopping and bought some items and I thought I would show you them and give my opinions! 

Funny story, so when I bought this at sephora the store was sooooooo busy and usually they supposedly check the items to make sure they are top quality. I grabbed the first box after seeing that it was an amazing product! I went in line and since the store was so busy they didn't have time to check anything. I get home opening everything and I opened this and the entire product was gone along with the cap! My mom went the next day since she was going to the mall and exchanged the product so..... that is the end of the story. Oh and they didn't charge us for an exchange!

Thanks so much for reading and so sorry for the gap in between posts!

xoxo Spotlight Girls

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