Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shopping Haul!!!!

Hey guys and gals, so recently I went shopping and bought some items and I thought I would show you them and give my opinions! 

Funny story, so when I bought this at sephora the store was sooooooo busy and usually they supposedly check the items to make sure they are top quality. I grabbed the first box after seeing that it was an amazing product! I went in line and since the store was so busy they didn't have time to check anything. I get home opening everything and I opened this and the entire product was gone along with the cap! My mom went the next day since she was going to the mall and exchanged the product so..... that is the end of the story. Oh and they didn't charge us for an exchange!

Thanks so much for reading and so sorry for the gap in between posts!

xoxo Spotlight Girls

Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July looks!

Hey everyone! Though the fourth has passed, us spotlight girls thought we could show you our looks for inspiration or...idk!

Hope you enjoyed the looks and hopefully we will shoot some more later on!

xoxo Spotlight Girls

Friday, July 1, 2016

My (mostly) everyday makeup routine

Hey everyone! So when I actually get out of bed to live life I realize society wants a perfect flawless face, that looks natural... yep that is society. But I have fun doing it and experimenting! So here what is on my face and what I like!

So I have been using the covergirl ready, set, gorgeous in 120 which is a teeny, tiny dark for me but once the summer tan sets this will be perfect (even though it is already is)!

I have been using the benefit boi-ing in 2 for my under-eyes (because who actually sleeps) and pimples (because, well, who doesn't) and it gives pretty good coverage! And it doesn't slip and slide on my face!

Also with the covergirl foundation, I am using the matching powder foundation and it keeps everything in place.

I have been using the famous benefit hoola bronzer and it gives good dimensions my face and the color suits a lot of different shades of faces!

The dandelion blush is very complimenting to almost everyone I HAVE EVER PUT IT ON! I recommend it for everyone! 

I have been using the benefit gimme brow and the maybelline brow studio in the deepest shade ever possible! Both fit my brow game goals well!

So I usually buy travel size mascaras because I never end up finishing up the bottle before the three month mark, so this ends up suiting my need, and that is the benefit roller lash mascara!

I have been using the l'oreal glossy balm, the Bobbi Brown lip gloss, and the benefit posie balm. I switch between the three and they are mostly the same shade and gosh, the are all so amazing!

So my four makeup put on items are the lano company powder brush, the lano company angle brush, the brush the came with one of the benefit cheek items, and a beauty blender! They all make-up a flawed face into another flawed face! 

I love doing makeup and hopefully you will take in some of the ideas I have now put into your brain and put them into the world (I mean the beauty cabinet or drawer). 

xoxo Spotlight Girls

Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to pack for a long weekend!

Hey everyone! So one os us is in the big city just realizing how hard it is to pack for a long weekend, but more importantly one in the BIG APPLE! So we tried our hardest to give you a good visual of what to bring from day --> nite!

Summer nights can be pretty rough to pick out the perfect set of thin, breathable, and comfy pjs! But I narrowed it down to this!

Above I choose both long pants! Don't worry, they are both thin and light which makes them perfect for a summer night! Below I brought a hoodie, a long sleeve (thin) shirt, and two short sleeve shirts! All versatile and perfect for a change in the weather!

For some of my causal wear (I did end up ditching that striped top) I brought two of the same navy shirt because I kid you not they are the BEST and I mean the BEST t-shirt of ALL OF HUMAN EXISTANCE! They are soft, long, comfy, opaque, and I could go on and on but lets not waste time here. I brought two jean shorts that are ripped, one lighter wash and the other darker washed!

Above I used a packing bag by eagle creek to organize everything! But I did end up throwing in a swimsuit just in case!

For my day and/or night clothing instead of dresses I brought rompers! I brought a fun pattern one, a spongy, weirds, but AWESOME romper, and the last one a fancy romper! All versatile and very easy to wear!


I brought for shoes, a fun and silvery sporty shoe, two pairs of flip flops, and a pair of black wedges!

 I put all of my undergarments and socks in a drawstring so they don't fly around my suitcase!

So all my causal clothes go into a packing bag wear nothing flies around!

All clothes that can be get wrinkles in it are packed into a packing folder which means that they're wrinkle free!

All of my makeup and toiletries are packed into bags where they won't explode all over the place!

I put my camera, lens, and go pro into my evecase camera bag where I know they won't be damaged!

So in the end, my suitcase was packed very well! I threw in my tripod and an eyeshadow palette but everything was used! Come back soon for my travel blog for the blog post about my trip to the big city!

xoxo Spotlight Girls

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thy welcome post!

Why hello humans of the earth! We are the spotlight girls! And this is our blog Spotlight n' Camera! We are two girls who are trying to figure out this big and exciting world and thought it would be very appropriate to share what happens to us in life! We will try to update as frequently as we can but hey, the world keeps liking to throw wayyyyyy too much work at us! I hope you stay and enjoy the ride :)

xoxo Spotlight Girls